Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock Macbook Pro Windows Drivers

The Belkin Thunderbolt Express dock uses a Fresco Logic xHCI (USB3) Controller FL1100 Series chipset when used with Windows 7 or 8.

The driver that will allow the Belkin Express Dock to work with windows 7 can be downloaded from HP’s website via sp59929.exe which can be obtained from this page:

Hardware IDs found in the device manager:


CraigsNotifica App

CraigsNotifica 3.28 Android App:

This App has been removed from the market for unexplained reasons. It is the best known app to search as many cities of craigslist as you wish.

Filename: craigsnotifica-3.28.apk
Version 3.28
Size: 569,.697 Kilobytes
MD5 SUM: 0e7790f1e58dc7e4ec9c986adcfbacdc
Download: craigsnotifica-3.28.apk