Advantech PCM-9576F2 MicroBox Chassis Computer

Information on the Advantech PCM-9576F2 seems to be drying up. Here is some information and downloads on these micro computers.

PCM-9576 Introduction

Advantech’s new PCM-9576 is a Socket 370 SBC designed with customer needs in mind. With the ability to accept Pentium III/ Celeron TM processors up to 850 MHz, supply 2, 3 or even 4 10/100 Mbps ethernet ports, the PCM-9576 is right at home in any network environment. The PCM-9576 can be used as a dual ethernet firewall device, triple ethernet firewall/DMZ device or through its PCI expansion slot, a four ethernet port device that allows centralized management of a Secure Virtual Network, including firewall security and VPNs or PCI add-on cards for encryption acceleration. Applied in any network environment or in a stand-alone chassis supplied by Advantech, the PCM-9576 has the processing power and reliability to handle your mission critical, high availability applications.

The PCM-9576 is of course a powerful and compact, full featured (5.75″ x 8″) SBC that can be used in a multitude of embedded applications. However, certain features make it attractive for network administration. An Optional VGA/LCD controller saves on cost. VGA/LCD is unnecessary for many network applications. With the available COM port, administrators can simply connect a PC (console) for configuration. Scalable ethernet lets users pay for the ethernet they need. Order dual or triple Intel 10/100 Mbps 82559ER controllers. Or add another PCI ethernet card. The PCM-9576 offers GPIO support with 3 general purpose output controls.

Great Flexibility to Meet Network Appliance Market Needs
The PCM-9576 gives customers the choice to pick and choose onboard hardware to better match application needs for cost, capability and performance. This includes an optional VGA/LCD controller, optional PC/104 connector and additional COM ports if needed. Flexibility is the key in a platform that drives network appliance applications ranging from security monitoring, storage and management appliances and voice and media gateways.

PCM-9576 Features

  • Supports Pentium lll /Celeron TM processors up to 850 MHz
  • Supplies scalable ethernet, 2 or 3 10/100 Mbps ports
  • Numerous optional features for maximum application fit
  • Supports up to 2 FDDs and up to 2 EIDE devices
  • Optional PC/104 expansion
  • PCI slot for hardware expansion
  • 3 general purpose input/outputs (GPIO)

PCM-9576 Specification

Standard SBC Functions

  • CPU: Socket 370 for Intel® Celeron TM /Pentium® III processors
  • BIOS: Award 256 KB Flash memory
  • System Memory: Two 144-pin SO DIMM sockets accept 32 MB up to 256 MB SDRAM
  • Serial ports: Two RS-232 ports, optional COM 2 RS232/422/ 485 port, COM 3, COM 4
  • Enhanced IDE: Supports up to two EIDE devices. BIOS auto-detect, PIO Mode 3 or Mode 4, UDMA/33 transfer
  • Parallel port: One parallel port, supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
  • Keyboard/mouse connector: Supports standard PC/AT keyboard and a PS/2 mouse
  • Watchdog timer: 63 level timer intervals
  • Expansion: One PCI slot
  • FDD interface: Supports up to two FDDs
  • Infared port: Shared with COM2. Transfer rates up to 115 Kbps
  • Power management: Supports power saving modes including Normal/Standby/Suspend modes. APM 1.2 compliant
  • USB interface: Two universal serial bus ports
  • GPIO: Supports 3 general purpose output control on CN6

Ethernet Interface

  • Chipset:
    Intel 82559ER x 3 (PCM-9576F-01A1)
    Intel 82559ER x 2 (PCM-9576F-00A1)
    (optional Intel 82559 chipset also available)
  • Ethernet interface: PCI 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. IEEE 802.3 U protocol compatible
  • Connectors: On-board RJ-45 connector
  • Built-in boot ROM: optional when using Intel 82559 LAN chip

Solid State Disk

  • Supports one 50-pin socket for CompactFlash TM card (optional)

TV-out (option)

  • Chipset: SMI Lynx 721
  • Supports NTSC, NTSC-EIA (Japan) and PAL TV formats
  • Provides Composite video, S-video and SCART (optional) outputs via RCA (composite) connector and S-video connector
  • Supports 640 x 480 and 800 x 600 input resolutions
  • Supports Windows 95/98 and Windows NT drivers
  • Over-scan, under-scan and position adjustable
  • Auto-detection of TV presence rnet Interface

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Dimensions: (L x W): 203 x 146 mm (8″ x 5.75″)
  • Power supply voltage: +5 V 5%
  • Power requirements: 5.2 A @ +5 V (typical, Pentium lll 500 MHz, 64 MB DRAM)
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60 C

AGP SVGA/Flat Panel Interface (optional)

  • Chipset: SMI Lynx 721 4 MB on chip or 8 MB on chip, or a SMI Lynx 712 2 MB on chip
  • Interface: 2x AGP interface, 128-bit engine
  • Display mode: Flat panel displays up to 800 x 600 @ 24 bpp, 1024 x 786 @ 24 bpp. CRT monitors up to 1024 x 768 @ 24 bpp, 1280 x 1024 @ 24 bpp
    • Supports 18/24/36/48 bit TFT LCD, STN and Mono LCD
  • Dual display: Supports dual 18/24 bit TFT LCD, or CRT and LCD Display under Windows 98 (721 chip only)
  • Weight: 0.7 kg (weight of total package)

PCM-9576 Ordering Information

  • PCM-9576F-01A1: : Socket 370 SBC w/3 Ethernet, 2 COM, 3 GPIO, W/O VGA/LCD
  • PCM-9576F-00A1: : Socket 370 SBC w/2 Ethernet, 2 COM, 3 GPIO, W/O VGA/LCD
  • PCM-10586-4E00: : PCM-9576F wiring kit
  • PCM-3663-02A1: : PC/104-Plus Twin Ethernet module (Intel 82559ER)
  • PCM-3663-03A1: : PC/104-Plus Single Ethernet module (Intel 82559ER)
  • PCM-110-00A2: : Riser card 1 x PCI for PCM-9570/9574/9576F/5864
  • PCM-120-00A2: : Riser card 1 x PCI for PCM-9570/9574/9576F/5864
  • 1703100260: : USB cable (2 ports) for PCM-9570/9574/9576
  • 1703200201: : ATX power control cable
  • CF-HDD-ADP: : CompactFlash TM 50-pin to IDE 44-pin adapter

Advantech PCM-5976 Drivers and Downloads